Theology of Work

In 2020 we awarded 32 Theology of Work (TOW) grants totaling $245,428 to seminaries and ministries worldwide. These grants enabled the training of a total of 7,916 seminarians, clergy and lay leaders in the theory, principles and practices associated with cultivating a strong theology of work that brings the same sense of calling to one's work in the world as one's work within the Church.

The Theology of Work grant program was established in 2007. The aim of this special grant initiative is to enable theological institutions and training organizations worldwide to instruct seminarians, pastors, and educators in a biblical basis of a theology of work. It is our desire to see those trained through our grants begin teaching and modeling this theological concept in their own churches and ministries. This theological understanding empowers lay people to infuse their Christian faith in the institutions, structures, and industries in which they work throughout the week.

TOW grants are awarded to theological institutions; both formal and non-formal, to create and offer courses that teach students a theology of work. The institutions are encouraged to integrate this theology into their core curriculum to continue to teach the course after the grant-funded classes are completed.

Access to the grant program is made possible through the International Theology of Work Grant website (, including resources that can be downloaded.

2020 Theology of Work Grant Recipients

International Center for Peace and Reconciliation

Mission Praise Music Ministry
Adental, GHANA

Nations Outreach Ministries

Pentecostal Assemblies of God Tanzania

Seventh Day Baptist General Conference
Janesville, WI

Share Burden International
Accra-North, GHANA

Square Ministries Africa
Kampala, UGANDA

Zumpi Gobrokers

Joy-At-Work Center
West Palm Beach, FL

Morogoro Bible College
Morogoro, TANZANIA

New Life Giving Theological College
Lusaka, ZAMBIA

PTS College and Advanced Studies, Inc.

Radiant Path Network
Navrongo, GHANA

Sonya Undugu Initiative Foundation
Nairobi, KENYA

Women Development Ministry
Accra, GHANA

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