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The Fellows

Introducing the 2021 Harvey Fellows
In February of 2021, the Harvey Fellows Selection Committee, comprised of the Harvey Fellows Advisory Board and members of the Mustard Seed Foundation Board and staff, selected 9 new Harvey Fellows. The new Fellows are a talented group of passionate Christians who are pursuing degrees at premier institutions in strategic fields.

The Mustard Seed Foundation is pleased to introduce the 2021 Harvey Fellows:

Promise Adebayo-Ige
PhD – Nuclear Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Wai Cheng
MA & MBA – Business & International Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Helena Kerr
MA – Sustainable Fashion
Akademie Mode & Design

Abby Lemert
JD – Law
Yale University

Nathan Marshall
PhD – Oceanography & Climate Change
UC San Diego

Brenda Onguti
DPH – Public Health
Harvard University

Nicholas Pang
PhD – Sociology
Columbia University

Emily Wenger
PhD – Computer Science
University of Chicago

Abby Yang
MPP – Entrepreneurship
Harvard University