The Foundation's expenditures totaled nearly $3.25 million in 2012. Over 72 percent of these funds were given through 384 grants to churches and Christian organizations, and over 100 scholarships to individuals. The remaining 27 percent was used to administer this work.

Providing grants for small startup projects of churches in major urban centers worldwide remains the primary giving area of the Foundation, as it has been since the Foundation's inception. The remainder of the Foundation's giving was channeled through the Harvey Fellows Program, BGU Scholarships, and the Theology of Work grant program.

The Foundation actively assesses our giving areas and administrative framework in conjunction with our anticipated financial resources. In 2012, the Foundation made the difficult decision to close our international offices and consolidate administrative functions in our Falls Church office around a significantly smaller staff team. This decision, while difficult, will better contain the amount of funds spent on administering our work while maximizing our giving through grants and scholarships.