Middle East

American Project Evangelical Church
Cairo, EGYPT
Establish a preschool ministry in the American Project area of Helwan.

Amoudain Apostolic Church
Amoudain, Itsa, EGYPT
Establish a rehabilitation center ministry for people with special needs.

Azbakeya Evangelical Church
Cairo, EGYPT
Establish a Biblical training program for house church leaders in Southern Tunisia.

Church of God Bourj Hammoud
Enable Syrian refugee children to receive basic education in the Bourj Hammoud neighborhood of greater Beirut.

Outreach project.

Coptic Orthodox Diocese of El- Quossia and Mair
El-Quossia, EGYPT
Equip a diocene ministry training program.

El-Rowihab Evangelical Church
El-Rowihab, Al-Minshah, EGYPT
Establish a medical clinic outreach.

El-Sawaleh Evangelical Church
El-Sawaleh, Tahta, EGYPT
Establish a preschool outreach ministry.

Everlasting Life Church
Faisalabad, PAKISTAN
Establish an online outreach ministry in the Urdu language.

First Bible Baptist Church
Empower three poor Christian families with special needs to be able to support themselves.

Hamaayan Congregation
Kfar-Saba, ISRAEL
Establish a creative healing ministry.

Jerusalem Alliance Church
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Establish a church in the town of Beit Sahour town in greater Bethlehem.

Kafr Khozam Evangelical Church
Kafr Khozam, Dayr Mawas, EGYPT
Establish a Christian preschool.

Kom Abu Hagar Evangelical Church
Kom Abu Hagar, Sedfa, EGYPT
Establish a church-based medical clinic to serve eight villages in the district of Sedfa in Assuit.

Opima Ministries International, Sudan
Khartoum, SUDAN
Establish a church.

Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, Karachi
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Establish a church in the Malpur neighborhood.

Reach All Ministries
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Establish a church in the Koshagn area.

Saar Fellowship
Conduct a marriage counseling outreach conference.

Salam City Evangelical Church
Cairo, EGYPT
Establish a Christian preschool ministry in Salam City.

Samalout Apostolic Evangelical Church
Samalout, EGYPT
Support an outreach summer camp experience for children and youth.

St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Ezbet El-Ozkof
El-Quossia, EGYPT
Establish a church-based youth outreach club.

The Church of the Pentecost
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Establish a church.