Theology of Work

In 2018 we awarded 25 Theology of Work (TOW) grants totaling $201,640 to seminaries and ministries worldwide. 5,964 students participated in courses in hopes that through them churches will actively teach their congregants a strong theology of work that brings the same sense of calling to one’s work in the world as one’s work within the Church.

The Theology of Work grant program was established in 2007 in collaboration with Bakke Graduate University (BGU). The aim of this special grant initiative is to enable theological institutions and training organizations worldwide to instruct seminarians, pastors, and educators in a biblical basis of a theology of work. It is our desire to see those trained through our grants begin teaching and modeling this theological concept in their own churches and ministries. This theological understanding empowers lay people to infuse their Christian faith in the institutions, structures, and industries in which they work throughout the week.

TOW grants are awarded to theological institutions; both formal and non-formal, to create and offer courses that teach students a theology of work. The institutions are encouraged to integrate this theology into their core curriculum to continue to teach the course after the grant-funded classes are completed. The TOW grant program is administered by BGU, which fosters a network of people and resources specializing in developing and teaching curriculum for theology of work.

2018 Theology of Work Grant Recipients

Act Bible School
Nairobi, KENYA

Agape Development Initiatives

Baptist College of Theology
Igede Ekiti, NIGERIA

Baptist College of Theology

Centro de Formacao Biblica E Evangelismo

Daystar University
Nairobi, KENYA

Eben-Ezer University of Minembwe
Bujumbura, BURUNDI

Igreja Emmanuel Evangelica Wesleyana
Cidade de Nampula, MOZAMBIQUE

Integrity for Excellence Ministries
Nairobi, KENYA

New Life Giving Theological College
Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Pambazuko La Maendeleo Kiteto (PAMAKI)
Kiteto, Manyara, TANZANIA

Precious Grace Theological Seminary
Offinsu-Kumasi, GHANA

South Ankole Diocese of the Church of Uganda
Ntungamo, UGANDA

St. Paul’s University

Bakke Graduate University
Dallas, TX United States

Grenada Institute for Theological Education
St. George, GRENADA

Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies
Memphis, TN United States

Georgia Global Connections

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary
Taytay, Rizal, PHILIPPINES

Bakke Graduate University
Dallas, United States

Kaieteur Falls University
West Palm Beach, FL United States

Light Mission Church
Portland, ME United States

Made to Flourish
Overland Park, KS United States

Regent College
Vancouver, BC