Thank you for your interest in contacting us.

Before you send an enquiry please remember the following:

We partner with local church congregations located in the largest and most influential cities in the world.

When we partner with a congregation we do so by matching their own giving, and to help them start up new ministry in their own neighborhood.

We typically fund no more than 50% of a project budget in the first year. When we partner for more than one year our investment declines.

We do not provide support for projects for debt relief, land or building purchases or involving large capital expenditures.

If your enquiry does not appear to be a good fit for our granting priorities, you may not receive a response from us. We commonly receive many enquiries and more requests than we could possibly support. Thank you for your understanding.

Church-Based Granting: Please choose the Granting Region based upon the location of the project as the “area of inquiry”. 

Harvey Fellows Program: Please read all of the Applicant information before sending us an inquiry below. Please select Harvey Fellows as the “area of inquiry”.

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