Harvey Fellows Program

In 2023 the Foundation invested $105,000 in continued support of 11 graduate students preparing to enter strategic vocations in academia, the arts, and the marketplace who were selected as Fellows in previous years. It also provided $24,675 in funding for them to be able to attend a Summer Institute through the 28twelve Foundation.

The Mustard Seed Foundation initiated the Harvey Fellows Program in 1992 to mark, equip, and encourage followers of Jesus Christ who seek to actively integrate their faith and vocations as leaders in strategic occupations where Christians appear to be underrepresented. This idea grew from our understanding of God as Creator and Redeemer, not only of human beings, but also of society's disciplines and structures. Our desire is to identify, prepare, and celebrate this generation's Josephs, Lydias, Daniels, and Esthers - Christians who will assume positions of leadership and influence in society. The award is given to outstanding students enrolled at a premier graduate degree program and is therefore very competitive.

The Mustard Seed Foundation has provided a total of over $15 million in support to 446 Christian graduate students through its Harvey Fellows Program, since its establishment in 1992. The Foundation has also provided an opportunity for Harvey Fellows to attend one of several summer institutes held in the Washington, DC area.

Since 2022, new Harvey Fellows have been selected and supported by the 28twelve Foundation, in anticipated of the sunset of the Mustard Seed Foundation. The 28twelve Foundation was launched by alumni of the Harvey Fellows Program and supported by the Foundation with a five-year grant totaling $250,000 to help get established. It is our hope that the vision of its Harvey Fellows Program will continue well beyond the life of the Mustard Seed Foundation.