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North America

The North America granting region includes the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. We give highest priority to projects in the largest urban centers of North America. Specifically, we focus our granting in the following inner city neighborhoods: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Guatemala City, La Habana, Kingston, Monterrey, Montreal, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Juan (PR), Santo Domingo (DR), Toronto, and Vancouver. We also prioritize granting within the 285 Loop of Atlanta, the 635/161/20 Loop around Dallas, Federal District of Mexico City, within Beltway 8 of Houston, within Los Angeles County, Miami/Dade County, the 101/10 Loop around Phoenix, and the 495 Beltway of Washington, DC.

All successful applications have significant funding and accountability from the church, and have a creative and innovative approach to share the love of Jesus Christ in word and action. We give priority to small, dynamic start-up initiatives that plan to become locally managed or sustained. We do not provide ongoing support for projects that began more than 12 months ago.

We do not accept requests from US-based offices for projects outside the US.

We do not accept requests to help a church buy land, build a building or help with renovation projects.

The Foundation encourages ministering to the people who are in their respective neighborhoods, and does not have a priority for projects that are citywide or national in scale. We are interested in receiving applications from smaller multi-ethnic churches that have indigenous and/or minority people in leadership.


The Foundation has awarded the following types of projects:

– Costs of a congregation starting a daughter congregation in another part of its’ city
– Summer camp scholarships for children
– College scholarship funds

– Direct costs for hands-on ministry
– Costs for starting a residential recovery ministry
– Cost of discipleship and training materials
– Capital for starting a revolving loan fund for poor believers

The Foundation will only fund up to 50 percent of the total cost of any given project.  No applications from US and Canadian parachurch organizations will be accepted.